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      My pottery is predicated on skillfully presenting a range of complex forms within the tradition of functional ceramics.  The goal is for these vessels, despite their complexity, to be imbued with a calmness that seeks no conflict with user, but rather settles the user. Scandinavian potters such as Hans Coper have influenced my sense of proportion and geometry. His emphatic consideration.... (more)


      Life has a way of  opening up and allowing one to express there inner most feelings and ideas with any medium one chooses to present whether paint, clay, wood, or glass. To manipulate solid to liquid and liquid back to solid gives one control while being controlled. A medium like glass has the ability to reflect beauty while presenting danger. Burns and cuts only further strengthen the bond between the artist and glass as thought is.... (more)


      Born and raised on a farm, I have always had a love for the outdoors and for countryside and landscape views.  Combining that with my love for travel, it is easy to find subjects for my outdoor and landscape photography.  In my photography, I try to capture the scenery in a unique and beautiful way.  I want my photographs to reflect the scenery as a lasting memory of the great times I had visiting each specific site.  My photographs are.... (more)      



      Artists’ statements are tricky because a lot goes into an artist’s work that may not be immediately visible or understandable to the viewer.  To explain it somehow removes the experience one hopes the viewer will have.  If I paint something with passion and someone sees it as bucolic, who am I to argue?  In fact for me once a work is done, I give it up to the viewers so that they may bring their own.... (more)


      Circles, squares and triangles, the building blocks of visual imagery, transform into globes, orbs, blocks, pyramids, cones and cylinders.  Embellished with light, they take on a sense of being, a sense of belonging within a space.  Add a touch of atmosphere and they begin to float and occupy space within the confines of the canvas. Over and above these elements... (more)


      Utilizing intense, saturated coloration, the subject matter of my work is the landscape, albeit abstracted and modern, with a concentration on the corners of the planet that are remote and mesmerizing.  Essential to my work is the use of very good oil paints, which function very much like a fine wine:  the colors seem to breathe and have a complexity and a clarity which nothing else can achieve.... (more)


      My jewelry is a reflection of my love of travel, collecting and nature.  I am inspired by the colors in nature, the places that I visit and the history in the objects that I collect.  The rusticity of nature, stones and shells on beaches and vintage jewelry are my current favorite sources of inspiration for my pieces.   When I visit a place that I love such as.... (more)


      My paintings show my personal interpretation and view of nature's beauty. I simply follow my heart during my creative process. I love to capture the luminosity and enhance the vibrant colors of Mediterranean, Caribbean and Floridian land-and seascapes.  I wish to convey an optimistic attitude, a sense of well-being, peace and joy of life to the viewer of my fantasy landscapes, inviting.... (more)


      My inspiration is both internal and external resulting in both abstract and realistic work.  In the abstract work some paintings evolve from intuitive random drawings and present an idea or though from a personal inner perspective.  Realistically, landscape is the inspiration, sometimes total realism, other times I tweak it a bit to add a touch of the abstract.  Most importantly, creativity compels.... (more)


      I have always enjoyed going out into the world with my easel and interacting with the scenes I find.  Plein air painting is the basis of all my work, even though I’ve done more studio oils over the last few years.  The first step of any painting is a pastel study on-site which captures the light and the fleeting details of a particular time of day in a specific season.   I enjoy the challenge that the continual changes in nature offer, and the immediacy.... (more)


      My images are symbolic, derived from personal experience, imagination and dreams. The rough, imperfect and scarred surfaces of my mixed media paintings metaphorically reveal the frailty of both the earth and all the life on it. These works of art express my belief that only when we are able to live in a harmonious relationship with all living creatures can we truly fulfill our potential as.... (more)



      I have always been drawn to the vertical form.  Rebirth, growth and change are central to my sculpture.  They signify the upward thrust in nature.  I found myself as an artist through steel – manipulating it, transforming it, sculpting it.  Coming from a glass background, I was challenged to incorporate the two contrasting mediums into vertical structures.  Glass is at the core of my work.  It breathes new.... (more)


      My art has no deep meaning or hidden message.  I paint what I see and like.  I enjoy the challenge of painting reflective surfaces and bold shadows and light.  I like to exaggerate my colors and give the painting an interesting painterly texture.  I enjoy painting still life, urban landscapes, and plan to add figurative pieces to my portfolio.... (more)


      My paintings are intimate portraits of nature. Whether I am painting plants or animals I am intrigued by looking close up and painting intimate views larger than life. The purpose of this approach is to say slow down, look closely, there is a world of wonder right under your nose.... (more)   


      My love of collage started with a scrap box of mementos from my childhood that my father passed down to me a few years ago. Stuffing these tidbits into a box beneath my bed seemed very anticlimactic –– but what does one do with the original hospital bill for their birth and Mom’s nursing school graduation cards.... (more)



      Nature is the basic inspiration for my art work.  Seeing the sunrise and sunset, the trunks of trees, the marshes, the fields of wheat, corn, sunflowers, grapes, and floral bushes all inspire my work with nature’s shapes and my own sense of color. The main media used.... (more)


      The world is already perfectly composed.  For me, my art is a matter of recognizing and recording the fully-formed compositions which constantly present them to my trained photographer’s eye.  This is not really a matter of study any more.  It is instinct.  I am especially fond of botanical subjects, although it is not any one particular subject which moves me to reach for my camera.... (more)